The Rainbow Kid

The Rainbow Kid

The Rainbow Kid: The Legend Begins


©  2019 By Stephen L. Harris


Ever wonder what’s really hidden at the end of a rainbow?  Find out in “The Rainbow Kid,” an exciting, fast-paced adventure. Set mostly in the turbulent southwest along the Mexican border at a time when the United States is embroiled in the issue of immigration and on the streets of New York City, it introduces one of the most original superheroes to come along in many a year.

The Rainbow Kid, aka Johnny Mendoza, an amazingly acrobatic dirt-bike rider, along with his mentor and sole guardian of the rainbow’s treasure, a red-haired leprechaun named Liam Malarkey, fight greed, crime and corruption on both sides of the Rio Grande.  The Rainbow Kid relies on a golden dirt bike that when he roars off to fight crime he’s transformed into the best rider on the planet. He also wears a helmet that hides his true identity. The helmet comes equipped with Visor Vision, allowing him to see events taking place in far-away places, and Sky Phone so he can communicate anywhere in the world.

Their Number 1 enemy is Big Ben Thompson, a powerful Texas politician who chairs the State Commerce Committee, giving him much control over who can or can’t do business in his state. Crafty, greedy, ambitious, Big Ben has one overriding goal: to be Governor.  Big Ben’s weakness: an infatuation with young Maria Gomez, a feisty, dark-eyed beauty who loves to sing and play the guitar. But she’s romantically entwined with Johnny Mendoza, although she has no idea he’s the Rainbow Kid. Big Ben believes that with her feistiness, beauty and great voice, Maria will be a great asset at his New York City nightclub Baja Joe’s, or any of the nightclubs he has a vested interest in.

The Number 2 and 3 enemies are the Jewells, twin brothers. Owners of the Flying Scorpion, a sprawling ranch north of the Rio Grande, they control the county and the county seat, Gulch City, a dusty metropolis of 50,000 people.  Judge Joshua Jewell and Colonel Jacob are a mean, conniving pair who prosper off the sweat of teenage illegal aliens they kidnap south of the Rio Grande when needed, smuggle them across the border and use them as slaves. It’s an endless supply of free labor. For years they’ve been getting away with slavery. Can the Rainbow Kid and his leprechaun mentor put a stop to their crimes?

Come along for the ride of your life…

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